dash from phuket (1 day ride)

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If you arrive early, check into the hotel in North Phuket and enjoy a day relaxing by the beach. There will be a briefing in the evening about tomorrow's adventure challenge.


First 40KM

The morning route leaves Phuket over the spectacular Sarasin Bridge, and then follows up the Thai mainland's west coast where there are refreshing views over some lovely sandy beaches. 



Next 35km

You then head inland through numerous small villages and lush greenery - there are also a few satisfying hills to conquer!



Final 90km

The final 90km is through the most beautiful, extraordinary karst scenery which only grows in beauty the further you head towards the finish line.




What could be a more appropriate place to finish a challenge of this scale than Ao Nang Beach?! Enjoy a cold beer, some victory shots, and then just run into the sea!


Waking up in Ao Nang is an absolute pleasure, especially when you have earned a bit of relaxation. Perhaps you're going to spend the day on the beach before catching an evening flight. You could even head over to nearby Railay (20 minutes by longtail boat) for an utterly sublime beach experience! 


Elevation profile

Elevation: + 1032 / - 1034 m


When is the next edition?

Only available for private commission. Please contact [email protected]


How does the pricing work for this Challenge?

We will give you a quote based on the price of the accommodation at your time of registration. This does not usually vary, except for late registrations.


Although the challenge itself takes place in the stunning back roads of Thailand, far from western influence, you will be spending the two nights in two of the most popular tourist spots in Asia (and rightly so, they've got lovely beaches!) This does however mean that the price of good accommodation is more expensive, and subject to more variation than other challenges. Consequently if you book early, you will be taking advantage of excellent deals - however if there are increases in the cost of accommodation, these will need to be reflected in your registration fee. If there are no increases, there will be no surcharge. Surcharges will not be subject to group booking benefits.


The good news however is that there is a great variety in accommodation in Phuket and Ao Nang, and we are happy to be flexible to meet your needs. 


In Phuket, we stay in the Mai Khao Beach area, and although the need to give you your breakfast for an early start does mean that we need to use hotels which are very close together, there is a certain flexibility possible. Our standard practice is to use the D Varee Mai Khao Beach Phuket Resort, however you're able to upgrade to the nearby Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach if you desire to take luxury to a higher level. If these hotels attract a surcharge which is higher than you want at your time of booking, there are some cheaper accommodation options - nearby beachside huts and bungalows.


In Ao Nang, we stay within walking distance of the lovely beach. If there is a high surcharge for our usual accommodation, we can arrange cheaper solutions.


What is the single supplement? (Note, you will only need to pay this if you do not want to be paired with another rider of the same sex.)

Price on application - approx US$110 


What is the terrain and roads like?

Terrain is Largely fairly flat, although there are a couple of climbs in the middle of the day. Roads are generally excellent although there is one place, only about 200m long where it becomes smooth gravel - at the peak of the largest climb. That shouldn't cause a problem.


What type of bike should I bring?

A road bike would be very convenient although this is adventure cycling and if you're not good at watching the road for rougher spots, a fast tourer or hybrid may be better.


Where does the Challenge start?

In the north of Phuket.


Where does the challenge finish?

The Ao Nang area of Krabi - famous for stunning beaches and amazing Karst scenery jutting up from the sea.


Which flights should I book to get home?

Krabi is served by Air Asia and Tiger Air direct to Singapore. There are also flights from Krabi to Bangkok and KL through which you can connect to Hong Kong and other destinations.

For direct flights to Hong Kong, nearby Phuket airport has flights with Dragonair, Air Asia and Hong Kong Express. A taxi transfer from Krabi to Phuket airport costs approximately THB2,600 and takes about 3 hours. Jetstar and Air Asia also fly from Phuket Airport to Singapore.


Do I need a Visa for Thailand?

Many natonalites are admitted at the borders of Thailand without the need for obtaining a visa. Please find out whether you require a visa before travel; if you are in doubt please contact the Mad Dogs team.


"I thought it was a really well organized ride and thoroughly enjoyed it.  You feel a real sense of achievement drinking a cold beer after a long day in the saddle, having cycled across 100miles from Phuket to Krabi.  A great way to see Thailand and extremely rewarding." Alex Vaulkhard, Finance Professional, British


"The Dash was awesome fun for cyclists and non-cyclists alike. Renting a villa in Krabi meant cold beers and a refreshing swim for the cyclists at the end, and is a highly recommended way for the whole family to make a weekend of it." Mary Lobb, finance professional, British