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Day 1

The Mad Dogs check into the hotel in the evening which is on the Chinese side, near the Gongbei Port border with Macau. There will be the chance to get to know one another, grab some food and listen to a briefing about the challenge and the following day's route.



As featured in Action Asia magazine (May 2015): click >here

Day 2



The route out of Zhuhai initially follows some large roads, however surprisingly soon the cyclists find themselves cutting through the countryside, munching the kilometres on good roads and passing through small undiscovered Chinese towns. The cyclists cross the bridge over the Xi River - it is hard to get one’s mind round just how immense this river really is.

Day 3

175 km


The road continues up into the heart of Guangdong Province and the countryside deepens further. The route leads through some extremely secluded places on small roads and into some lush hills. Farmers work the fields by hand as you crest the tops and then sweep back down. Water buffalo wallow in the paddies and the cyclists may even see some cross the road in front of them!

Day 4

155 km


The first isolated karst mounts appear in the morning mist and shortly the riders will pass into Guangxi Province. There are some more forested hills and towards the afternoon, the riders pass through the first spectacular clumps of karst topography. At end of the day the riders will follow a small road through a vast plain, with more rural scenery before arriving in Zhongshan. The roads on this day are largely of an extremely poor surface quality. It's part of the challenge!

Day 5

178 km


There are some gentle hills first thing which can be whooshed down, but then the road largely follows a flat course, weaving into and out of small towns. The scenery here really is a treat - and it is a great privilege because most visitors to the region only see that of the Yangshuo area or the river cruises. This is truly a window into a beautiful, rarely-seen world. Two-thirds of the way through the day, the cyclists will pass Yangshuo itself, then it’s nose down to see off the final 70km before the triumphal arrival into Guilin!


Day 6

The victorious Mad Dogs wake up wondering how on earth they managed to pull of this extraordinary feat. They may be flying home this morning, or they may just be hanging around for a day or two - a cruise down the Lijiang river and a night in Yangshuo would be a splendid way to celebrate this major lifetime achievement.


When is the next edition?

Only available for private commission. Please contact [email protected]


What is the single room supplement? (Note, you only need to pay this if you do not want to be be paired with another rider of the same sex)



What is the terrain like?

A mixture of flat roads and gentle hills.


What are the roads like? 

The roads are largely of a decent quality however there are places where they fall into disrepair. Notably, the road surface quality on day 3 is pretty awful but the scenery is stunning. This is all part of the challenge. Around the cities there can be heavier traffic but in the countryside traffic is thin. The roads mostly have distance markers every kilometre which is handy for ensuring that you are on the right road.


What type of bike should I bring?

A stronger bike like a light tourer or hybrid or even a mountain bike (provided it's geared to allow you to go fast) would be a better idea - if you use a road bike you would need to be very careful of rough patches (it's not really recommended, especially given the poor surface quality on day 3...however it has been done. You have been warned...)


Where does the Challenge start?

Close to the Gongbei Port border with Macau (note, the border is known as the Portas do Cerco in Macau).

Which flights should I book to get back to HK?

Dragonair and Hong Kong Airlines operate direct from Guilin to Hong Kong. China Southern and Hainan Airlines operate direct to Shenzhen. Check with Those wanting to save their pennies may consider taking a bus or a train back. 


Do I need a Visa for China?

Yes, the Chinese consulate is located in Wanchai and obtaining a visa is very straighgorward. Processing can take five working days - do not leave this to the last minute. Chinese Consulate: 7/F, Lower Block, China Resources Building, No 26 Harbour Road, Wan Chai. Tel: 852 34123 2424.


How do I get to the start?

The easiest way, if you are travelling with a rucksack that does not weigh much, is to take the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, then ride carefully the 3 kilometres to the border which you must cross on foot. Alternatively, you can make use of a taxi. The ferry service from Sheung Wan direct to Zhuhai have told us that they will require you to pack your bike in a box however Turbojet to Macau do not require this which could be more convenient. It is possible to take a ferry direct from Hong Kong International Airport to Macau and Zhuhai.