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Day 1

If you arrive early enough, why not cycle up to Angkor Wat for a leisurely walk around the temples, or enjoy a foot massage in Siem Reap? Get some rest, the adventure starts tomorrow!



Day 2


Angkor WatBattambang

The route leaves west out of Siem Reap and heads toards the rice fields. You'll pass the town of Serei Saophoan before turning east, heading back into the countryside en route to Battambang, Cambodia's charming second city, where you will spend the night. The hotel this evening is likely to have a swimming pool. 


Day 3



You'll head back into the sweeping plains of the Cambodian countryside, through small villages and past our friendly, waving Cambodian hosts. Look out for the ubiquitous sugar cane sellers, pressing the frothy juice directly into a glass of ice - there are few things more tempting and refreshing! In the evening, you may have time to go down to the settlement on the beautiful Tonlé Sap, the Great Lake at Cambodia's heart. It's recommended to take a short boat ride to see the settlement which is fascinatingly built upon stilts (note that there may not be sufficient daylight to do this). We're staying properly in the middle of nowhere so the guesthouse is clean and en suite, yet a bit more basic. It's part of the adventure!

Day 4


KrakorPhnom Penh

You'll continue through the villages and the paddy fields and wallowing water buffalo. Imposing temples raise your spirits as you head towards Phnom Penh for some celebrations at a major achievement. 

Day 5

You'll wake up with an enormous sense of achievement and satisfsction - with plenty of stories of adventure. Perhaps you're going to linger in this marvellous city - or you could be heading home with a great deal of pride.


What are the dates for the next edition?

This event is only available for private commission. Contact [email protected]


How much is the single supplement?

(Note you will only need to pay this if you do not want to be paired with another rider of the same sex.) It may not be possible to accommodate single supplement requests for later registrations. Price on application.


What is the terrain like?

The terrain is largely flat.


What are the roads like?

The roads are generally of a decent quality and are sealed with Asphalt 99% of the way. There is the odd small section which is gravelly and on the approach to Phnom Penh there are several areas of road works where the road quality is poorer. The first day is a bit busier in terms of traffic, due to traffic heading to and from Thailand, however it becomes much quieter, particularly after passing Battambang.


What type of bike should I use?

We think a touring bike or hybrid would be most ideal for this ride. A road bike would be appropriate if you ensure your bike is equipped with strong tyres, and are careful in rougher sections.


Can I hire a bike in Cambodia?

YES, this can be arranged - mountain bikes only.


Where does the Challenge start?

The ride starts in the city of Siem Reap, which is nearby the ancient temple of Angkor Wat.


How do I get home after the challenge?

From Phnom Penh, there are direct flights around the region, especially to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and KL. You may find it more inexpensive (particularly to HK) to book flights via Bangkok rather than directly from Phnom Penh.