If you're looking to commission a special adventure cycling event in Asia for your friends, club, charity or company, then we’ve got your back. The advantage of a special event is that you can have it at a time that is most convenient and you have access to the full wealth of Mad Dogs experience in Asian cycling. Each one of our routes has been carefully planned to maximise your adventure and satisfaction; we have a wealth of experience and regional knowledge.

It’s of course also possible to tailor each route we offer and through detailed consultation we will do our best to plan it it to exactly match your preferences. You need at least 5 people in general to schedule a special event - it is actually possible to do it with fewer although the prices will be higher. 

You can choose to keep your event private, or to open it up to general registration. For an event of fewer than 10 people, you will get better rates by opening it up to general registration. This will also trigger “Mad Dog” status for the ride meaning those who complete the ride will receive times, completion certificates and enter the Hall of Fame.

Prices are generally US$2,300 per person based on a 7-day ride (8 night, 9 day trip in total), pro rata for longer or shorter trips and this will vary depending on the itinerary and countries visited (rides in Japan are about 40% more expensive) as well as whether you want to keep it exclusively private at lower numbers.

Aside from The Japan Epic, Taiwan Epic and Kaiping Dash, the following awesome tried and tested events are currently only available on a Special basis for groups of 5 or more: 

S/E Asia

Singapore to Krabi

Penang to Phuket

Phuket to Krabi

Krabi to Phuket

Hong Kong / Pearl River region to Hanoi

Hanoi to Bangkok

Hanoi to Thailand (Sahhon Nakhon)

Yunnan to Laos (Pu'er to Luang Prabang)

Angkor to Phnom Penh

China / Greater China

Macau to Guilin

Northern Taiwan

North Asia

Sapporo to Russia


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