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March 2018 Newsletter
March 2018
Jan 2017 Newsletter
2 Jan 2017
Mad Dogs in the Peak Magazine!
27 Jun 2016
Mad Dogs featured in The Loop!
6 May 2016
Humphrey's Yunnan to Laos Research ride!
18 Apr 2016
Mad Dogs and the Kaiping Dash featured in Liv Magazine
2 March 2016
19 Feb 2016
Malaysia and Thailand for CNY, You can take part in partial challenges
Mad Dogs introduces Hong Kong Rides!
17 Aug 2015
Freewheeling Through Asia: Humphrey Wilson talks to Sai Kung Magazine
10 Aug 2015
Mad Dogs in Mayya+Movement
28 Jul 2015
Mad Dogs in Action Asia Magazine
1 May 2015
Mad Dogs Hall of Fame member Julia Mason is going to cycle from London to Hong Kong!
7 Apr 2015
Mad Dogs and Mad Dogs Founder Humphrey Wilson in 11-page feature in Bicycle United Magazine!
20 Mar 2015
The Kaiping Dash discussed in the SCMP!
20 Mar 2015
The Macau to Guilin Challenge Completed
17 Mar 2015
Mad Dogs' Japan events in Action Asia Magazine
26 Feb 2015
Tokyo to Sapporo - Newsletter
24 Feb 2015
Action Asia on Mad Dogs
Sep 2014
The Kaiping Dash is announced - our first one day challenge!
7 Dec 2014
Mad Dogs in The Taipei Times again
15 Dec 2014
Mad Dogs in Spin Asia
3 November 2014
Mad Dogs, on HK Magazine's Asia Bucket List
30 Oct 2014
Mad Dogs subject of a blog post from Changmoh!
20 Oct 2014
Mad Dogs in The Taipei Times
15 Oct 2014
Mad Dogs in Stomp!
11 Oct 2014
James Riley speaks on his experience on the HK to Hanoi Challenge
17 Oct 2014
Mad Dogs at the UBS Wellness Fair
14 Oct 2014
Mad Dogs complete the Hanoi to Bangkok Challenge!
4 Oct 2014
Humphrey Wilson gives seminar for RacingThePlanet.
3 Sep 2014
Mad Dogs founder Humphrey Wilson, gave a free seminar at Racing the Planet about cycling from London to HK.
3 Sep 2014
Mad Dogs have been quenching the thirst of HK's cyclists!
17 Aug 2014
Mad Dogs in HK Trader!
13 Aug 2014
Mad Dogs in the SCMP!
29 Jul 2014
Save 15% at Bull Bike if you're registered on a Mad Dog Challenge.
25 July
Mad Dogs sponsored the Le Coq Sportif Tour of Hong Kong!
23 Jul 2014
Mad Dogs Recommended in HK Magazine!
21 Jul 2014
Humphrey Wilson, interviewed by Noreen Mir on RTHK Radio 3
9 Jul 2014
Mad Dogs attended the OCBC Cycle Singapore
1 Apr 2014
Mad Dogs Founder Humphrey Wilson on Albanian TV
13 Feb 2014
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